INTERSTENO - International Federation for Information and Communication Processing

Youth event - Wednesday 26th July

A youth event will be organized on Wednesday, 26 July for all young people 26 years-old or less.

This activity is normally kept as a surprise.  

Normally the activity is planned for the afternoon, but it might start in the morning.

So please, if you want to participate, don't plan other things for Wednesday until we can inform you about the exact time.

For the first time, we ask for a participation contribution of 10,00 EUR.  This is only to avoid the problem of people that register and don't show up at the activity.  This happened at earlier congresses and money was lost.

As at earlier congresses, Intersteno will pay the basic cost of the youth event.  This time the 10.00 EUR will be used to increase the value of the event for participants.

Wednesday, 26th July, half a day or full day (to be confirmed)

Participation fee 10,00 EUR/person
fully reimbursed in added value to the youth event, for all those who show up.